From Lucia Garzón:

Radar de la Salud or “Health Radar” is a riso-printed adaptation of a family heirloom. The radar consists of over 60 ailments and their corresponding natural remedies, created by my late grandmother in the 1960’s. In collaboration with FORTUNE, I created a new version of the radar revealing a few recipes that could be of use to our local communities. This allows me to share my grandmother's knowledge and legacy, and maintain the secrecy of the remaining recipes for my family and I to hold.

Risograph printed in Blue, Light Lime, Red, and Sunflower inks.
Handcut and assembled, bound with a brass fastener.
11 x 17 inches, unfolded.
Edition of 50.

Originally published and distributed as a part of the MFP 2021 Mail Library. For more on this project, see here.