Many Folds Press DELIVERS: A multipack of riso-printed goodies from 2021, a year that compelled us to reconsider distance and how to manage it. To visit older documents, ongoing histories, potential worlds. For sweetness, for study.

ENCLOSED: FIVE annotated readers of reprinted excerpts from queer Asian archival materials — publications and organizational notes — annotated by writers and artists in community. TWO new works by our OPEN CALL artists — an interactive “health radar” by Lucia Garzón, and a collection of poetry and photographs from Our Mothers’ Kitchens’ Summer Workshop for Black Girls. All printed on the risograph and assembled by hand.

For free, for two-month-long terms, for anyone (priority given to Philadelphia residents). Think of this as a lending library, ongoing so long as we are here to facilitate these stories.

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The "Health Radar" or "Radar de la Salud" is something that my late grandmother created in Bogota, Colombia in the 50's and 60's. The radar consists of over 60 ailments and their corresponding natural remedies. My grandmother would craft these remedies to treat her family as well as her direct community.  These recipes reveal what plants were accessible and native to that area and what were common illnesses during that time. The health radar has been passed down in my family as an heirloom and representation of my grandmother's resilience, dedication to both her family and community, and her connection to the natural world. In collaboration with FORTUNE, I created a new version of the radar revealing a few recipes that could be of use to our local communities. This allows me to share my grandmother's knowledge and legacy, and maintain the secrecy of the remaining recipes for my family and I to hold. 


Since 2017 Our Mothers' Kitchens has hosted the Summer Workshop for Black Girls, what we lovingly refer to as "camp". Across four summers and five cohorts of campers, we have been gathering the writing, the "kitchen narratives" of our little sisters: the poems, recipes, prose and doodles that they created while we shared space on beautiful and bountiful Lenni-Lenape land at Sankofa Community Farm. Last year, the pandemic caused us to cancel our 2020 summer camp. We decided that in times that we can't be together, when we can't weave a world of women-words around them, we can still provide our little sisters with a safe space, a way for them to wrap themselves in the warmth of Blackgirlhood. And so, we gift them (and you) our first publication, "The Warm Honey from Your Hand: Writings from the OMK Summer Workshop for Black Girls", a book containing the writings from the first three years of OMK. The gorgeous title was taken from the poem of one the 2019 little sisters. Some of our little sisters will be reading their own words, rediscovering their journey from year to year. And some are brand new to the OMK family, reading the words of their new sisters, hopefully inspired to tell their own stories. With love and black-eyed peas, enjoy.



Ankit Rastogi
Anastasia Fujii
Carson Lee
Erica Quinha Mukai Faria
Eva Wǒ
Feini Yin
Ila Kumar
Joey Wong
Juliana Feliciano Reyes
Lee Luke
Mel Kapadia
Raina Kulkarni
Rat Porridge
Rea Tajiri
Sarah Kim
Tara Boonngamanong


Asian Lesbian Network Nippon
(c/o Trinity Ordoña’s collection)
Asian Women
Asian & Friends Chicago
Black Color
CALM Voices 
(Chicago Asian Lesbians Moving)
CelebrAsian (GAT - Gay Asians Toronto)
East West Magazine (Long Yang Club)
G.A.P.I.C. - Gay Asians & Pacific Islanders of Chicago
(c/o Ken Chu’s collections)
Lavender Godzilla
(GAPA - Gay Asian Pacific Alliance)
(GMSMA - Gay Male S/M Activists)
Pacific Bridge
Shades of Yellow
Silk Road (Asian & Friends Washington)
Womyn of Color


Alan Li
Allan DeSouza
Darrell Perry
Ken Chu
Kevin Lim
Lidell Jackson
Mallika Dutt
Margo Machida
Mark Finney
Mary Woo Sims
Pauline Park
Susan Yung
Todd Ayoung
Tomie Arai
Trinity Ordoña
Xay Yang