A seed-saving collaboration between Tess Wei and FORTUNE co-editor Heidi Ratanavanich. Each Seed Pocket contained locally grown and carefully saved ancestral seeds, featured a notecard with planting and cooking instructions, and unfolded into a risograph print of each seedkeeper’s story. Banded together with the imprint of hands, as is much of this tending process, from growing to sharing.

FROM HEIDI: Krapao seeds, a type of Thai Holy Basil, is often substituted with Thai Basil in the States and misses the mark. I chased after the plant’s flavor for years, my craving only ever stoked by occasional visits to Thailand. On my last visit in 2019, Na (Aunt) Urm pointed out what grew through cracks next to our family house in Sappaya — it was krapao. 

FROM TESS: Jiu Cai seeds remind me of my favorite story about my Grandma Pearl: while walking through Longwood Gardens in 1948, she was reunited with the plant for the first time since leaving China seventeen years before. Grandma Pearl was so excited, she reclaimed some of the seeds in her pocket that day and began growing them at home.


A t-shirt fundraiser to redirect funds toward Black trans survival, abundance, & future. All proceeds from sales were invested in projects that support Black and Black trans livelihood.

With support from our community, we distributed funds to: Morris Home, Art Hoe Collective, Activation Residency, the Black Trans Lives Matter Youth Fund (organized by the Black Excellence Collective), The West Philly Bunnyhop, and Camp Teddy + James Talib-Dean encampments. 

We urge you to continue supporting Black and Black Trans abundance.

Yellow cotton crewneck shirts, screenprinted in red and black ink, by ThoroughBred Attire.
Modeled by Dwight Dunston, Jeremiah Jordan, Miki Palchick, & Sophie Sarkar.
FORTUNE x Pear Ware LNY Calendar:

Each tear-away month displays lunar phases and corresponding dates. On back, direct scans, fruit, fortune, and surprise.

Printed on occasion of the Lunar New Year to mark our movement through the Year of the Metal Rat, with hopes for a fruitful year.

Printed on the risograph, folded, perforated, spiral bound, with vellum cover and extra insert; carabiner clip for wear/installation. 5 pages, 5.5 x 17 in. Edition of 100.