Being & Becoming

is a 72-page collection of interviews regarding queer visibility, representation, and authorship in media; accompanied by a Care Guide for white and non-Black PoC artists who are committed to the work of dismantling white supremacy and transphobia in their work. The project serves as a call to use critical, intersectional politics in creating systems of radical support for QTBIPoC, shapeshifting to evade commodification, and embodying a constant state of becoming in our work and relationships. Features interviews with Mx. Abdul-Aliy A. Muhammad, Andrea Jácome, Bryan Oliver Green, Carol Zou, Cxoda Hu, Darius McLean, Dev, FORTUNE (Andrienne Palchick, Heidi Ratanavanich, and Connie Yu), Heart Byrne, Ixa, Malachi Lily, Noemi Charlotte Thieves, ociele hawkins, Raani Begum, Tristan “TK” Morton, & Zuri Love.

Digitally printed in full color. Staple-bound.
8.5 x 5.5 inches.

Eva Wo is a queer Chinese-American/white multidisciplinary artist. Using photography, digital collage, short form animation, experimental video and social practice, she casts spells of gender- and sexual-self determination for all. Born and raised in New Mexico, she has lived in Philadelphia for a decade. @yoevawo /

The Round Sun Sank Down
and the Velvet Light was Hazy with the Warmth of the Area

is a collection of stories & poems about queer people, birds, and parking lots in a world I’ve never been but miss really bad. It comes with enough floral salt for a hot bath for u while u read it.

Risograph-printed in Red and Blue inks. Unbound.
Salt bath ingredients include: pink salt, rose, lavender, moldovan balm, and eucalyptus.
8.5 x 5.5 inches.

Written by:
Érica 'Quinha' Mukai Faria is a Brazilian-American artist and ER nurse. She works in painting, garment, sculpture and makes things with her friends at Philadelphia Packaging Company. IG @quinha.etc Website:

Althea Baird is a queer white farmer, weirdo-herbalist, parent of a human and Mill Hollow Plant Music. She’s trying to publish a book of writing.IG @mill.hollow.plant.musicTo hear some plant music:

Stone Fruit

is a submission-based zine centered on queer people's experiences with organized religion, faith, and spirituality.

The theme for Issue 04 is RITUAL. 
Profits (about 25% of each sale) go to Brave Space Alliance in Chicago.

Risograph printed in Black ink by Saddle-Stitch Press. Staple-bound.
8.5 x 5.5 inches.

Keep up with Stone Fruit on Instagram at @stonefruitmag.

Metadata Toolkit

is a collection of guides, resources, and references for study, shared in the interest of growing more expansive metadata practices. The notes within were exchanged between participants in a graduate information science course at the University of Maryland in Fall 2022, and are shared here so that these conversations can extend beyond the bounds of an institutional classroom.  

Inside you will find: guides for current metadata standards, as well as devices to edit them; a bibliography of assembled readings, each recommended by a member of LBSC 770; a collaboratively-drafted metadata cookbook, with instructions for how to catalog and describe resources like this zine.

Risograph-printed in Blue and Light gray inks. Staple bound.
8.5 x 5.5 inches.

Edition of 30.